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Get to Know Some Common Car Idling Myths in Shoreline

Car idling or letting your engine run while your car isn't moving has often been considered standard practice. It is generally used as a way to help your vehicle's engine warm up before taking off, but is it really necessary? While most people continue to allow their engines to idle a few minutes before driving away, this warming up technique may be causing more harm than good. Ossinger's NW Enterprises in Shoreline can help you navigate the truth behind engine idling.

Car Idling Myths

If you are one of the many car owners who continues to allow their vehicle to idle every morning before heading to work, you may be surprised to find its benefits are simply a myth.

Myth: Cars Need to Idle Before Being Driven

Years ago, idling was encouraged in order to help vehicles warm up and prevent engine damage. Over time, technological advances in the automotive industry have made it so it is no longer necessary. The introduction of new technology, such as fuel injection, have caused idling to become a thing of the past. Since idling was such a common practice, many continue to believe it's necessary. The best way to help your vehicle warm up to its standard operating temperature is by driving, especially since idling may cause engine damage in the long run.

Myth: Starting Your Engine Wastes More Gas Than Idling

There are two types of idling you may come across: voluntary idling and involuntary idling. Allowing your engine to sit idle in order to warm up your car before heading on the road is what's known as voluntary idling. Involuntary idling happens when you're stuck in traffic on the road or in a queue. While it may not be wise to turn your engine off in order to avoid idling in heavy traffic, it is definitely a great solution to prevent idling in a queue. Many car owners allow their vehicle to idle in drive-thru lines or ATM queues instead of turning their engine off and then back on again. While many fear turning off and restarting their engine will waste more fuel, sitting idle for more than ten seconds will actually be more wasteful.

Myth: Restarting Your Car Will Drain Your Battery and Damage the Engine

Modern batteries are a lot more resistant and will not be drained excessively by restarting your engine. As for your engine, idling can cause more damage than repeatedly restarting your vehicle. By allowing your car to idle, you are forcing it to work in a gasoline-rich mode which can have detrimental effects on your engine. One of the things it can cause is the stripping of motor oil from important components and loss of lubrication. Many people who continue to allow their engines to idle every  morning in the winter do so in order to help their motor oil warm up and flow better. If this is one of your concerns, make the switch to a synthetic oil and leave your oil worries behind. One of the many benefits of synthetic oil is that it is able to hold onto its fluidity no matter how cold temperatures get. Contact Ossinger's NW Enterprises in Shoreline for more information about how synthetic oil in Shoreline can benefit your vehicle and your wallet. Give us a call at (206) 713- 1045 to find the best synthetic oil deals and specials in Shoreline. Don't forget to check out our online shop for the best AMSOIL products!

Benefits of Reducing Engine Idling

Apart from cutting voluntary idling out of your routine, it's a good idea to find alternatives to involuntary idling. By reducing the amount you allow your vehicle to idle, your car and the environment can enjoy several benefits.

Personal Benefits of Reducing Engine Idling

It's no secret that turning on your engine and allowing it to run while your car is stationary is a sure way to waste fuel. By not allowing your engine to idle before taking off, you will save not only gas but also money. The added gas mileage will help you save at the pump. Another benefit is reduced wear on your engine. This will help ensure your engine has a longer life with fewer complications.

Environmental Benefits of Reducing Engine Idling

Allowing your engine to idle may seem like a harmless act in terms of environmental damage. The reality is that this action actually does negatively impact the environment. Doing this daily creates more dangerous emissions and contributes to worldwide pollution. If you allow your vehicle to idle in your driveway or by the curb, you are also exposing passersby to toxins and dangerous chemicals. For these reasons, various countries around the world have started anti-idling campaigns to protect the environment and its inhabitants.

Synthetic Oil Change in Shoreline

If you're interested in giving synthetic oil a try, contact Ossinger's NW Enterprises in Shoreline for the best AMSOIL Oil for your vehicle. Call us at (206) 713- 1045 to find out more about AMSOIL's range of products. Don't forget to check out our online shop for all your AMSOIL needs.

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