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How to Prepare Your Boat for the Water This Spring

If you've been dreaming on fishing trips and days spent on the water all winter long, then we have good news for you! Boat season is back! Before you grab your fishing gear and start towing your boat to the lake, there are some maintenance tasks that need to be taken care of. Ossinger's NW Enterprises in King County has some suggestions to help you get started on your boat maintenance this spring.

Clean the Exterior

Cleaning your boat is one of the best ways you can detect any damage that needs to be repaired. To get rid of grime and other debris that may have made its way under your boat cover, use a mild detergent to scrub down your boats exterior. Once you've successfully cleaned your boat, check it for chips and other nicks that could be troublesome. Small scratches and cracks can be taken care of using DIY methods, but larger issues should definitely be taken care of by a professional. Check the rivets around your boat and tighten any that are loose. It's also important that you clean and test the drains in order to ensure they're functioning properly. Now that your boat's exterior is clean, it's time to apply a coat of wax. You can choose to use a liquid wax or paste wax to protect your boat from UV rays and other damaging factors while it's out on the water. A good coat of wax can also help seal small cracks and will make your boat look it's best all boat season.

Get to Work on the Interior

After tackling your boat's exterior, there is still more cleaning to be done. Hop on into your boat and start cleaning its interior as well. Clean dirt and other dust that has accumulated over the winter so that your boat is shiny and ready to host your next boating adventure. If your boat has carpeted areas, vacuum them and ensure they're clean. Carpets that have developed mold or mildew due to winter moisture will need extra help returning to normal. Wooden areas should be sanded down to prevent issues like splinters and then protected with a wood sealer. Check on your rails and ladders in order to ensure they're safe before heading out on the water. Lastly, declutter the inside and store things in their proper spot. Check your safety gear and ensure it's all there and ready to go. Prepare your boat for the water this spring with a full synthetic oil change in King County. To learn more about the benefits of synthetic oilcontact Ossinger's NW Enterprises in King County. We can help you find the right synthetic oil in King County for just about any engine. Give us a call at (206) 713- 1045 for the best synthetic oil deals and specials or to place an order. Check out our online shop for our full range of AMSOIL products!

Take Care of Belts and Hoses

Your boat may have a lot of hoses, but it's in your best interest to check and test them all. Hoses that are cracked, damaged, or dry can lead to leaks that are no good for the health of your boat. Leaking hoses can lead to costly repairs as well as leave you stranded on a trip. It's important that you also check on your boat's belts. It goes without saying that damaged belts should be replaced before using your boat. As you check on them, adjust their tension as recommended by your owner's manual.

Check on Your Propellers

Checking your propellers for damage is essential before heading out on your boat. Inspect them for nicks and other damage that can cause issues over time. If you propellers are aluminum, they will be easier to take care of at home. You can take care of small nicks by filing them yourself and paint issues are easy to fix with spray paint from an auto parts store. Brass and other high performance propellers will need to be taken care of professionally if they present issues.

Tune Up Your Engine

It's no secret that your engine is an essential component in your boat that needs constant care and maintenance. Before taking your boat out on the water, give you engine a tune up. Get your engine tested before hitting the water in order to be sure it will start up and work well through your trip. An oil change will be needed along with an oil filter replacement. If you don't have much experience changing your boat's oil and filter, you can get it done professionally. No matter what method you choose, for maximum engine protection, make sure it's a synthetic oil change.

Synthetic Oil Change in King County

For the best synthetic oil in King County, contact Ossinger's NW Enterprises. We can help you find the best AMSOIL products for your needs. Call us at (206) 713- 1045 to learn more about our products or to place an order. Don't forget to check out our online shop for all your AMSOIL needs.

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