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Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage in North Seattle

As the winter temperatures continue to dip lower, the time to put away your motorcycle for the winter gets closer. You may be able to continue riding your motorcycle through the winter if the weather doesn't get too extreme, but your best bet is to store your motorcycle and avoid the dangerous riding conditions. Before you put your motorcycle away for winter, create a checklist of the tasks you need to complete to properly store it. Ossinger's NW Enterprises in North Seattle can help you get started with these simple storage tips.

Find a Proper Storage Space

As you start to make storage plans, begin by finding the best storage space. Your motorcycle should ideally be stored in an indoor space with heating. If you're not sure where to find one, your dealership should be able to point you in the right direction. Your next best option is an indoor storage space in your home where you can keep an eye on your bike. Garages are popular places to store motorcycles. A garage provides good protection from the outdoor elements even if it's not heated. You also have the advantage of having your motorcycle near you where you can easily check on it.

Wash Your Motorcycle

Once you have your storage space figured out, give your motorcycle a proper wash. Get rid of any debris and stains that have built up on your motorcycle during the riding season. Getting rid of this buildup will help reduce the chances of your motorcycle developing rust and corrosion while in storage. Once your motorcycle has been washed and dried thoroughly, get it waxed. Even though you won't be riding it during the winter, a layer of wax will help ward off moisture while it's stored.

Add Fuel Stabilizer

To avoid allowing  moisture into your fuel tank, fill up your tank before storing your motorcycle. Moisture is a huge issue during the winter months and it can cause rust to develop inside the fuel tank. Next, add some fuel stabilizer to your fuel tank. Hoe much you will need depends on the type of fuel stabilizer you use. Follow the directions carefully for the best results. Once you have added the fuel stabilizer to your fuel, take your motorcycle for a short ride. This will help the fuel stabilizer mix in well with your fuel and it will allow the stabilizer to flow through the fuel system.

Pay Attention to the Details

There are small details your should take care of before storing your motorcycle. It's a good idea to lubricate small moving parts in order to prevent them from rusting over the winter. Pay special attention to your chain when lubricating your motorcycle. Keep in mind that smalls pests and rodents are known to climb into exhaust pipes and make a home out of motorcycles, especially in the oil filter. Keep them put by plugging your exhaust pipe during the months your motorcycle isn't in use. Contact Ossinger's NW Enterprises in North Seattle for information about synthetic oil deals and specials in North Seattle. If you're searching for quality synthetic oil for your car, motorcycle or lawn mower, give us a call at (206) 713- 1045 to find the best synthetic oil for all your needs! Don't forget to check out out online shop for even more AMSOIL products!

Check Your Coolant

Even though your motorcycle will be in storage, you still need to take proper measures to protect it from the cold. One way to do so is by ensuring there is enough coolant in your motorcycle. Avoid using water instead of coolant. Water can freeze in the cold temperatures and cause a cracks.

Keep Your Battery Charged

In order to ensure your battery is ready to go when you bring your motorcycle out of storage make sure it doesn't lose its charge in the winter. You can either pull your battery out of your motorcycle or hook it up to a charger and tender. A charger and tender will ensure it stays charged while avoiding the dangers of overcharging it.

Find the Right Cover

Now that your motorcycle is ready to be put away for the winter, use the right type of cover to keep it protected. Plastic covers can invite moisture onto your motorcycle, so stick to covers made of breathable materials. A cover designed for your model will provide the best fit and the best protection.

Synthetic Oil Change in North Seattle

If you're interested in giving synthetic oil a try, contact Ossinger's NW Enterprises in North Seattle for the best AMSOIL Oil for your vehicle. Call us at (206) 713- 1045 to find out more about AMSOIL's range of products. Don't forget to check out our online shop for all your AMSOIL needs.

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