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Summer Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

As outdoor temperatures continue to rise, it's quite clear that the summer season is here. Just like during any other seasonal transition, your car will need a little extra attention to prepare it for the change in temperatures. Before the summer arrives in full force, follow these tips from Ossinger's NW Enterprises in Shoreline to get started on your summer vehicle maintenance.

Keep An Eye On Your Tire Pressure

During the winter season, you may have noticed that your tires were losing pressure regularly. Just the opposite can happen as temperatures are on the rise. Hot outdoor temperatures can cause air to expand in your tires, increasing their air pressure. Check your tire pressure at least monthly in order to ensure you're at the right pressure level and are staying safe on the road. Over inflated tires can reduce your gas mileage, reduce traction, and may even blowout while in use. Don't forget to also check your tires for cracks and other issues that can become worse due to the heat.

Fill Up On Fresh Coolant

Cars tend to operate at high temperatures, especially newer model vehicles. These high operating temperatures combined with extremely high summer temperatures can create issues for your car. To prevent an overheating engine, fill your radiator with fresh coolant. The coolant should be flushed and replaced at least every two years. Don't neglect taking care of this task since doing so can cause serious trouble for your engine. Before picking up new coolant, double check your owner's manual to ensure you have the right type and the right mix for your vehicle.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change

An oil change should be taken care of at the right intervals in order to ensure your engine is properly lubricated and protected. Driving around with low oil or dirty oil can expose your engine to friction, higher internal temperatures, buildup, and wear. One great way to avoid this damage is by getting a synthetic oil change. The benefits of a synthetic oil change include much more than just engine protection. Making the switch from a conventional oil to a synthetic oil will increase the intervals at which you need to get your oil changed, also helping to reduce environmental waste, emissions, and helping you save money. You will also be saving money at the pump because a synthetic oil change can help increase your fuel economy. Before you get your oil changed this summer, consider making it a full synthetic oil change in Shoreline. Contact your local AMSOIL dealer, Ossinger's NW Enterprises in Shoreline to find out more about our full range of products. Give us a call at (206) 713- 1045 for the best synthetic oil deals and specials or to place an order. Don't forget to also stop by our online shop!

Maintain Your Visibility

No matter what season it is, your visibility should be a priority while on the road. To ensure you are clearly able to see other drivers and the road, give your windshield wipers a quick inspection. It may sound silly to focus on windshield wipers during the summer, but you never know when you'll get caught in a summer storm. Start by checking your wipers' condition. If the rubber on your windshield wipers is dry or cracked, it likely won't be able to take care of its job for much longer. If this is the case, replace the wipers before you get caught in a storm. Don't forget to also check on your windshield wiper fluid. Fill up the reservoir in order to ensure you can keep you windshield clean all season long.

Keep Cool in the Summer Heat

Before the heat reaches extreme levels, test your HVAC system. Making sure this system is working well isn't just about comfort, it can also help keep you safe and save money. Test your air conditioning to make sure it's cold and test your defroster to make sure it's still working. If there are issues with either one, get them fixed professionally. The sooner in the season you take your car in, the better.

Avoid Summer Breakdowns

Summer breakdowns can occur for a number of reasons, ranging from an overheating engine to simply running out of fuel. The best thing you can do to prevent these issues is to take care of your car and pay attention to what it tells you. Avoid waiting for your fuel light to turn on to get gas. If other lights on your dashboard suddenly light up, don't ignore them. Figure out what the issue is and take care of it as soon as you can. Getting a tune-up is also a great idea. With a tune-up you can be sure your car is up to date, running well, and not wasting fuel.

Synthetic Oil Change in Shoreline

To find the best synthetic oil for your engine, contact Ossinger's NW Enterprises. We can help answer any questions you may have regarding  AMSOIL's products and synthetic oil in general. Call us at (206) 713- 1045 to learn more or to place an order. Be sure to check out our online shop for all your AMSOIL needs.

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