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Transmission Maintenance Tips in King County, WA

Nearly 1,000 parts make up your transmission, so it is easy to imagine something going wrong. Here are some dos and don'ts to keep your transmission shifting for years to come.

Cool It, Down Shifter

Forcefully down shifting when coming to a stop, while your engine is running at high RPMs, creates more friction in your transmission and increases wear. Placing the gear shift in neutral when braking at a stop light will do the job without wearing out your transmission parts.

Warm It Up a Bit

To operate effectively, your transmission fluids should be a little warm. Let your car run for a minute or so before taking her out.

Avoid Sudden Stops

Sudden brakes can damage drivetrain components and transmission mounts. If you have to stop in an emergency, have your mounts checked afterwards.

Use the Parking Brake

Do not let your car sit in Park unattended without applying the parking brake. Even a slight bump can brake the parking pawl in your transmission, setting your car to roll down the street.

Wait in Fast Idle

If your engine is running in fast idle, putting it into gear can cause a shock to your transmission parts. To avoid early clutch failure, wait for your engine to calm down before putting it into Drive or Reverse.

Tune It Up

Keep your engine properly tuned and maintained. Make sure your cooling, ignition, and drivetrain systems are checked regularly.

Why to Replace Your Automatic Transmission Fluid

Many car manuals these days say that you do not need to change your automatic transmission fluid (ATF). Their reasoning is that as long as the transmission remains at optimum operating temperature, your fluid will be fine. The problem is that the real world is not always optimum, and even normal driving can cause excessive heat in the transmission. Here are the reasons ATF breaks down and why you need to change it.

Ideal Operating Temperature

Your ATF's ideal operating temperature is around 175 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes a few minutes to reach this temperature, which is why you should always warm your car a bit before starting to drive. If your fluid maintains this temperature, it will last as long as 100,000 miles, but that is unlikely. The rough rule is that every 20 degree increase in fluid temperature cuts the life of the fluid in half.

Causes of Heated Fluid

So what could cause your ATF temperature to surpass its optimum heat levels?  Stop-and-go traffic, mountain driving, towing, high speeds in hot weather all put heavy use on the transmission, increasing friction and heat. An overheating engine will also transfer heat to the transmission, so keep a check on the cooling system.

Effects of Heat on the Fluid

Excessive heat diminishes your fluid's lubricating ability, creating more friction in your transmission's parts. The fluid oxidizes, turning brown and smelling like burnt toast. A lacquer begins to form and interferes with your transmission's operation. Above 250 degrees, your seals will begin to harden, causing leaks. The transmission begins to slip, which further adds to the heat. Eventually the clutch burns out and the transmission quits. Nearly all transmission failures are due to overheating, and you can prevent it by replacing your fluid.

Fluids Are Your Friend

Transmission fluid lubricates your parts and keeps them rubbing together properly. When your fluid wears out, friction and grinding will result. Follow your owners manual and change your fluids on schedule. If you operate your vehicle in harsh conditions, hauling heavy loads or taking long trips, accelerate the schedule for fluid replacement.

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