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Summer is here and that means you can finally take advantage of the nice weather and riding your boat is one of the best activities you can enjoy during this season. However, there are certain maintenance chores you shouldn’t overlook, as they are crucial to keep your boat in perfect condition, especially after the long winter. For this reason at Ossinger’s NW Enterprises in Shoreline, we created the following post containing useful advice on maintaining your boat. 

Wash Your Boat

Your boat is exposed to moisture and sunlight that can lead to corrosion, however regular cleaning is a huge step towards protecting your vessel, especially in saltwater. Waxing your boat is also a good way to protect your paint, just remember to use environmentally safe products and cover your boat after every use. 

Check the Oil

Your engine requires oil to reduce friction that can lead to overheating and prevent serious damages. You should check you oil levels regularly and it’s estimated that you should change it after every 100 hours of operation. Keep in mind that you each engine has different specifications and you should read your owner’s manual to learn more about the recommended viscosity and API rating. 

Don’t Forget about the Propeller

Lastly, the propeller is very important to increase your fuel economy and engine performance, so you should look for any dents or nicks. Also, check that the propeller nut is tightened and well lubricated. 

These are just some ideas that will make your boat safer and avoid costly repairs in the future, so don’t forget to perform them on a regular basis. Keep in mind that there are certain repairs and checkups that must be carried out by a professional, as they have the experience, equipment and knowledge to take good care of your boat. 

Synthetic Oil in Shoreline

Remember that synthetic oils offer superior protection to your engine. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Shoreline, you can trust Ossinger’s NW Enterprises, where you will find the AMSOIL product you need. Please call (206) 713-1045 to learn more about our lubrication solutions. 

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