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Top Reasons to Use AMSOIL Synthetic Oil in Bellevue

If it's time for your next oil change, why not consider giving synthetic oil a chance? Synthetic oils boast many benefits for your vehicle, as well as for your wallet and the environment. If you aren't aware of the many benefits of synthetic oils, like AMSOIL's Signature Series oilOssinger's NW Enterprises in Bellevue can help you understand how they compare to conventional oils and why that matters.

Superior Engine Protection

Your motor oil is responsible for performing five different functions is your engine. These five functions are lubricating parts, protecting against corrosion, keeping your engine clean, keeping your engine cool and seals vital areas in your engine. By performing all these functions properly, your motor oils helps protect your engine and ensures it has a longer life. All motor oils perform these functions, but it is important to note that synthetic oils are known for their superior abilities to keep engines protected. To keep parts lubricated and prevent friction in your engine, motor oil coats different metal parts and creates a thin layer of protection between moving parts. Because synthetic oils are more durable and resist changing properties in different climates, they are better able to keep your engine protected against damage. Since they contain less impurities when compared to conventional oil, they also create less strain and stress on your engine. Synthetic oil doesn't contain unwanted materials, like wax, that can cause deposits and sludge on your engine. This helps keep your engine cleaner and gives it a longer life.

Better Performance in All Weather

As mentioned above, synthetic oil can perform better than conventional oil in changing weather because of its abilities to hold onto its properties in all temperatures. Higher vehicle operating temperatures combined with hot climates can cause conventional oils to boil off, oxidize and evaporate a faster rates. This affects their abilities to keep your engine lubricated and protected. As your oil oxidizes it is also more likely to leave behind sludge and buildup that can cause added strain on your engine. Synthetic oil will hold onto its properties in extreme heat. It will be able to offer better engine protection without oxidizing or leaving parts of your engine uncovered. As it moves through your engine, it will keep it cleaner by resisting the formation of sludge and deposits. Synthetic oil also performs better in freezing temperatures when compared to conventional oils. Unlike conventional oils, synthetic oils won't get thicker and more sluggish as temperatures drop. Your synthetic oil will hold onto its ability to flow effectively on the coldest days of the year. It won't leave parts of your engine exposed and unprotected, even during cold starts. Contact Ossinger's NW Enterprises in Bellevue for more information about the benefits of AMSOIL synthetic oil. If you want to make the change to synthetic oil, give us a call at (206) 713- 1045 to find the best synthetic oil for your vehicle!

Less Oil and Gas Consumption

Another great benefit of using a synthetic oil in your vehicle is that they tend to be better for fuel economy and oil preservation. Conventional oils are made up of different sized molecules that add extra strain and stress to your engine as it operates. Your engine will require more energy as it runs, reducing your vehicle's fuel economy. Synthetic oils don't contain unwanted materials and are made up of uniformly sized molecules, all of which help reduce the strain on your engine. Since your engine will strain less with a synthetic oil, it will help maximize your fuel economy. Synthetic oil is also consumed at a slower rate when compared to conventional oil. You can rest assured knowing there is enough oil in your engine to keep all of its vital parts covered and protected. You won't have to worry about getting oil changes as often as with conventional oils and you'll have to worry less about top-offs.

Environmental Protection and Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil isn't just good for your engine, it's also great for your wallet and for the environment. While some people are put off by the higher price of synthetic oil when compared to conventional oil, it can actually save you money over time. The better fuel economy your car gets with a synthetic oil means less emissions and more savings at the pump. The same is true when it comes to oil changes. Because synthetic oils require oil changes less often, they can save you money while you also produce less waste. AMSOIL's Signature Series oils boast all of the regular benefits of synthetic oils and are able to protect your engine for up to 25,000 miles! That means your vehicle may able to receive superior engine protection with only one oil change a year. Compare this to suggested conventional oil changes every 3,000 miles and it's easy how you'll be reducing your carbon footprint while saving money.

Synthetic Oil Change in Bellevue

If you're looking for the best engine protection for your vehicle,  synthetic oil in Bellevue the answer. Contact Ossinger's NW Enterprises in Bellevue for the best AMSOIL Oil for your vehicle. Call us at (206) 713- 1045 for more information or to place an order. Don't forget to check out our online shop for all your AMSOIL needs.

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