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Keep Your Engine Cool This Summer

An overheating engine can happen during any season, but this issue tends to be more common during the hot summer months. While it may not sound like a huge deal, allowing your engine to overheat can cause serious damages to your engine. To help you find out more...

Summer Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

As outdoor temperatures continue to rise, it's quite clear that the summer season is here. Just like during any other seasonal transition, your car will need a little extra attention to prepare it for the change in temperatures. Before the summer arrives in...

How to Prepare Your Boat for the Water This Spring

If you've been dreaming on fishing trips and days spent on the water all winter long, then we have good news for you! Boat season is back! Before you grab your fishing gear and start towing your boat to the lake, there are some maintenance tasks...

How to Prepare to Ride Your Motorcycle This Spring in North Seattle

If you're eager to get your motorcycle out of storage and back on the road this spring, you're definitely not alone. Before taking your first ride of the season, remember to tend to your motorcycle's necessities. Don't forget,...

Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring in Bellevue

After a long and difficult winter, it's time to treat your car to some love and care! Show your vehicle you appreciate all the work it did to keep you going and safe on the winter roads by adequately preparing it for the next season. By performing...

Get to Know Some Common Car Idling Myths in Shoreline

Car idling or letting your engine run while your car isn't moving has often been considered standard practice. It is generally used as a way to help your vehicle's engine warm up before taking off, but is it really necessary? While most people...

How to Keep You and Your Car Safe This Winter

The winter weather can prove to be a challenge not only for your vehicle, but also for you as you drive. To keep you safe on the winter roads take extra precautions as you drive and keep up with your vehicle's seasonal maintenance. Follow these tips...

Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage in North Seattle

As the winter temperatures continue to dip lower, the time to put away your motorcycle for the winter gets closer. You may be able to continue riding your motorcycle through the winter if the weather doesn't get too extreme,...

Top Reasons to Use AMSOIL Synthetic Oil in Bellevue

If it's time for your next oil change, why not consider giving synthetic oil a chance? Synthetic oils boast many benefits for your vehicle, as well as for your wallet and the environment. If you aren't aware of the many benefits of synthetic...

Understand the Functions of Motor Oil

Most drivers understand that motor oil is a very important part of keeping their engine running well and that regular oil changes are necessary. However, many may not really understand exactly what motor oil does. If you're not quite sure what your motor oil...

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